Bonnie Gichuru

“Before joining the program, I thought my photography business was doing very well. I really had doubts if the program would make any difference. However, I always wondered why other photographers charged three times the amount I did and they were providing less services.

Despite charging less, the customers would still negotiate even lower. I believed other photographers had a secret language they used with clients that I didn’t know about. But during the program, I learned the skills that these other photographers were using! It was not a secret language but they had mastered the art of brand positioning and effectively established their businesses with the right branding!

Thanks to the program I changed my niche and the brand positioning. I increased my prices from Ksh45,000($333) and now am charging up to Ksh100,000($740) for my
photography services. I have gotten clients that I enjoy working with!

I have been fully booked out! You can imagine with the increase in price, one client recovered the program fee! I believe it’s the best investment an entrepreneur can make. I had a fixed mindset and thought that my business couldn’t get better, in reality I was suffering dealing with challenging clients and thinking I couldn’t charge what other photographers were charging because I didn’t know the secrets.

Even if you think your business is doing well, this program will open your eyes to other ways of growing your business that you didn’t know was possible! Am very glad I joined the Business success roadmap.”

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