Diram Bora

“We were struggling to find customers for our business. We even did marketing and ads on Instagram, but we were still not getting customers. We knew something was wrong, but we didn’t have the confidence and skills to do anything about it.

It was very frustrating. Plus the few customers we would get, when we calculated the expenses we incurred there was almost nothing left as profit. However, after going through the program, we realized the reason we were struggling to find customers is because we were targeting corporate clients who were the wrong target market for us.

The program empowered us with the skills and confidence to completely change our business services and customers that we worked with, now we are working with
startups and providing them with all their branding needs.

If you are struggling to make money In your business, spending money on marketing is not always the answer .

You should invest in the business success roadmap. Speaking from experience, you will be able to identify what the problem is, be able to get a solution and a strategy on how to implement the solution.”

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