Muhammad Onyango

“I thought I knew how to run a company even though I had no prior experience. I didn’t know =when to hire, when to fire and when to expand. It was just me doing my own things. I was so green and naive and I did not know that I didn’t know.

The program has enabled me to learn how to start, operate and manage a successful business confidently. In the financial management class I learnt how to do bookkeeping and I was able to track down my expenses. I thought what I was earning was enough and was profitable. But once I started recording my expenses and income, and doing my financial statements, I realized the way I was paying my employees was not sustainable and it was going to lead to the collapse of the
company. I had to let them go.

Thanks to Business Success Roadmap, I learnt all the important skills of running a business even without employees, I understood all the work that needed to be done in my business. That was 3 months ago, now we have 6 more clients, the business is growing and am planning to hire 3 more people in the next 3 months.

I had just left employment, when I opened the company I didn’t think I will get a client that could pay Kshs.80,000($592) or Kshs.100,000($740). I never thought I was that valuable. I was looking at the market which was Kshs25,000($185).

Thanks to the program, I got a client from Uganda, not even Kenya, who was willing to pay Kshs.80,000. My mindset changed as I realized clients can pay premium if you communicate the value and if you tailor your content around your niche and what you do.

The way I was running my business was by trial and error. I did not know what worked and what did not work .

My DMs had been dry for months and no one was reaching out. After the class on how to make sales, I learned how to make a sale without being pushy and
sounding like a salesman. This helped me get a client from the next Tweet that I posted! I did not know such programs existed. Even when I heard and saw the post about Business Success Roadmap I was skeptical. Because what I heard from entrepreneurs is to get rich quickly.

I never knew there was something that would re-awaken my mind and change my perspectives and how I think like this program. It has been eye-opening. Before starting a business, you should do this program. This is the key to unlocking entrepreneurship.”

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